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 Place of delivery

Products are delivered to the address declared in the Order Form.

Delivery schedules depends on several factors and there may be delays not attributed to Us. Please read below the conditions applicable in delays. For deliveries within Cyprus we use Geniki Taxidroniki In the Order Form, you can choose either to collect the Products yourself or have them delivered to you. Subject to any force majeure conditions or conditions for which we do not control, the followings apply:

Important notice: All Orders submitted until 12:30 am. (Greek time), are processed on the same day, otherwise on the next working day. All Orders submitted after 12 am on Friday (Greek time) or during the weekend, are being processed on Monday morning.


The above time schedules may not be applicable in force majeure cases, which may affect the time of delivery. In such cases we are co-operating with specific courier.  


All Orders are being invoiced through the invoicing system of the courier we co-operate with, therefore it is not possible to deliver the Products to You with a courier of your choice. In cases You have a problem, or you have any inquiries, please contact Us.


Products are deliver between Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. till 17:30 p.m.   


Products are delivered in 3-5 working days.

Save as expressly agreed to herein, if you submit your Order to Us by 12 pm, from Monday to Friday, Your Products will be delivered as follows:


Delays on Delivery


We take all due care for the proper and due delivery of the Products; however, we cannot guarantee it in the below indicative cases (a) the Product has not been delivered to us due to unforeseeable delays or (b) due to force majeure cases, (c) the Product is in luck. In such cases We will conduct You to ask if you want to have the rest of the Products delivered to You without the missing one or the one that will be delivered with delays or to propose you an alternative or to inform you about the time of the delivery of the Product in question. If you are not satisfied with our proposals, You have the right to cancel the Order partially or the as a whole and We will return any money you may have paid Us. In any case you can contact us at, where you can also cancel your Order.     



Liability Upon Delivery


We inform you that we are the sole responsible for any damage and or loss of the Products till You (or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by You acquires physical possession of the first good);

If You are not in the address You have indicated to Us on the Order at the time that the delivery of the Goods has been scheduled, Geniki Taxidromiki  will try two (2) more times to deliver the Goods. In case of failure of delivery, all Goods are returned to Us and the failed delivery is considered as Your refusal to have the Goods delivered to You. It is agreed, as an exemption to the rule above, that in such cases You are the sole responsible for any loss or damage of the Goods, since the Goods are kept according to the courier’s terms and conditions and upon Your cost.


It must be noted that We keep a special list with Clients that have either refused to have the Goods delivered to them (including the above cases of non -shown on the agreed address) or have not accepted the Goods the cost of which is above 300 Euros. Any next Order by those listed Clients is not accepted in case they have chosen the payment on delivery, whereas in cases they have chosen any other means of payment, their next Order is processed normally and in accordance to the present terms and Conditions.  

Cost of Delivery

All deliveries are made through Geniki Taxidromiki courier and are free for all orders over 70€. For orders below 70€ there is a charge of 6,00€.


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