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Make sure you do not exceed the time-limit of 14 days from the day you received the product. Please Return the product, in perfect condition with all the specific labels (tags).

Return at Lynne store:

You can return your order at any Lynne store and get another number, color or product (only if it’s available in the specific store). You only need to have the product and the receipt. However, products purchased from a Lynne store can’t be returned in the e-shop.

REFUND (for e-shop orders):

You can get a refund, as long as you have placed an order at the online store. Inside your package you will find a refund form with your order information and the completed voucher from «Geniki Taxidromiki».

The refund must be completed within 12 days, from the day we receive your package.

For which orders is valid?

For Cyprus, is valid for the orders that have been placed with credit/debit card, with cash on delivery or with Paypal.

How you return the product?

Complete the return form that you will find in the original package & select the REFUND box. If the order has been made with cash on delivery you have to complete the information of your bank account.

  • Complete the return form that you will find in the original packaging & select the REFUND box.
  • Place the return form in your package. The returning product(s) must be in excellent condition with all labels and tags attached. The packaging must be firm, for prevention of any possible transportation damage.
  • Place the return voucher on your package and ship it with “Geniki Taxidromiki”.

For returns, the finance charge is 0€, only with the Geniki Taxidromiki. If you choose a different courier center, you don’t have to complete the return voucher you received but you will be charged with the total returning cost, which you will pay at the courier center when you return the package.

Where to return your product:

B&F Limited

Λεωφόρος Ανεξαρτησίας 167

Λεμεσσος, Κύπρος, ΤΚ 3040

ΤΗΛ.: +357 25311749

Caution: If you do not follow even one of the above instructions the return will not be accepted by us.

*As a necessary condition, the product shall be in its initial package and in the same perfect condition in which you received it, together with the relevant payment receipt, including the product’s special signs (tags).

*When returning an item, you need to fill in and send us the “return form” that you can find here within the exclusive time-limit of fourteen (14) days.

*For hygiene reasons, our company shall not accept return of certain items such as swimming suits, leggings, leotards, tights, underwear and earrings. Regarding the swimwear, all products should be tried without removing the inner safety sticker. The swimwear sticker should not be removed in case of return, otherwise the return will not be accepted.

*As a matter of clarity all purchased shoes must be tried on a soft carpet, otherwise We do not accept Shoes that they give Us the impression that have been used.

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