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Lynne is active in women's clothing since 1994. Currently it holds a leading position in the Greek market while maintaining high growth both domestically and internationally.

It is worth noting that during 2009-2012, company has made significant investments doubling the places of exclusive distribution of its products. Investments have been made in terms of infrastructure as a result the company is now able to supply Lynne products to an extensive partner network approaching 150 stores which are located both in Greece and abroad.

Company's priority is to strengthen the domestic retail network, either through equity or through the development of new partnerships where appropriate.

Particular attention is paid to the development of overseas sales. The company is already investigating further growth, both in markets where it is already active and entering into new markets that are very interesting for the company's products.

Important dates:

  • 1999: Flagship store in Athens.
  • 2002: Initial exports to Cyprus.
  • 2006: Member of the largest fashion group in Greece and one of the most growing in Europe.
  • 2007: Flagship stores in Thessaloniki and Patra (250sq.m).
  • 2009: New headquarters offices in N.Filadelphia, 10th km National Road Athens-Lamia.
  • 2012: 20 Retail stores!!
  • 2013: E-shop
  • 2016: E-shop redesign 
  • 2016: Silver award e-volution for E-shop redesing
  • 2016: Localized Romanian E-shop 
  • 2017: Bronze award for our collaboration with Katerina Kainourgiou
  • 2018: Silver award for best use of Facebook Advertising
  • 2019: Lynne for you Loyalty program
  • 2022: B&F is once again named a "TRUE LEADER" for the year 2021, by ICAP, the leading company and recognized as a Credit Rating Agency by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the corresponding European competent authority (ESMA). The CEO of B&F Group Mr. Vasilis Bitharas received the award from the minister Mr. Staikouras in a magnificent award ceremony. 

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