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Lynne For You is the exclusive privilege program of Lynne.

As a member of Lynne For You you will enjoy unique and exclusive privileges, such as:
• Collection of points from any of your purchases at Lynne stores and online
• Exclusive offers that help you earn even more points
• Updates on new collections and competitions
• Tips on the latest trends
• Exclusive competitions
• Access to discounts and offers before anyone else
• New collection sneak peeks
• Delivery of the lookbook directly to your home

Lynne For You includes all Lynne stores in Greece as well as the online store You can become a member:
A) By filling out your details on special tablets designed for this purpose, within any Lynne physical store.
B) by filling out the registration form at Lynne For You that you can find at

As a member of the Lynne For You program, you earn points from your very first purchase, from your transactions at the store and eShop as follows:
o for every 1 € of purchased products, 10 points for non-discount products
o for every 1 € of purchased products, 5 points in discount products.
o 500 points automatically become yours upon completion of your registration
o Gift points every year on your birthday.
o Gift points on special events.

Absolutely no, participation in the Lynne For You is completely free of charge!

Each member is unique and has the ability to enjoy special and exclusive privileges, while each member's account is strictly personal. This is why you can not maintain more than one account.

The membership account is strictly personal and can not in any way be transferred to a third party.

Each member's account is unique and strictly personal. As a result, the points are credited to the account of the member to which it belongs at the particular moment of the relevant purchase.

You earn points for every purchase you make. The more you buy the more you earn.

Once you have successfully registered in the Lynne For You, you must indicate before each purchase the number of the mobile phone you stated when registering. In this way, the points will automatically be credited to your account.
In case you make your purchase via our eShop, it is required to be logged in to your account for the points to be credited. The corresponding points of your online purchase are being credited:
• The next day, in case you’ve chosen a payment method with electronic means (credit/debit card, PayPal), and,
• Within 5 working days after the date your order has been delivered, in case you’ve chosen the cash on delivery payment method.

Once you have completed the required number of points, you can redeem your points as follows:
• at 4,000 points you receive a 10 € discount
• at 6,000 points you receive 20 € discount
• at 8,000 points you receive a 30 € discount
• at 12,000 points you receive a 50 € discount
Once you have collected the necessary points, when you visit the Lynne store, please indicate - if you wish - the amount you wish to redeem with your purchase.
If you choose to redeem, the points required - in accordance with the above scale - to obtain the discount are automatically deducted from your account. Points can be redeemed at any Lynne physical store in Greece.

The rebate can be redeemed at any physical store of Lynne, for a purchase equal to or greater than the value of the discount. In physical stores, whenever you want to use the available discount, you inform the cashier and the value is automatically deducted from the amount of your purchase.

In case you want to change any product, at the time of your transaction you will be credited or charged the points corresponding to the difference in the value of the particular products. For example, if you want to return a product for which you paid 50 € and want to change it to get a product worth 70€, your account will be credited with the difference of 20 €, i.e. 200 points.

Your points are deleted after 18 months from the last transaction using your mobile phone number and provided that within 18 months you have not made any other transaction as a Lynne For You member. However, you do not have to worry - we will notify you whenever your points are near their expiry!

Once your account is activated, you are automatically a member of the Lynne For You. Your account has no expiration date unless the program is cancelled or you wish to unsubscribe at any time.

You have the ability at any time to alter any personal information you have entered while registering. This is done in the following ways:
1. Through your personal account at
2. Through the members' Helpline, by calling 210 3002765 (local call charges apply, Monday-Friday 09:00-21:00 and Saturday 09:00-20:00, excluding public holidays).

You have the opportunity to learn about the points you have collected:
1. Through your personal account at
2. Through the members' Helpline, by calling 210 3002765 (local call charges apply, Monday-Friday 09:00-21:00 and Saturday 09:00-20:00, excluding public holidays).

If you wish to cancel your Lynne For You account, you will have to request your deletion by contacting the members' Helpline: 210 3002765, (local call charges apply, Monday-Friday 09:00-21:00 and Saturday 09:00-20:00, excluding public holidays).

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