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Lynne SALE ALL -50% OFF* campaign takes place between 27.07.2022 - 30.09.2022, on the website

The sale of the products in the offer will be done in the following conditions:

The participating products are in limited stock, being sold within its limits. The promotional discount applied is -50% compared to the reference price; only the products from the promotional page and from the pages under its hierarchy have a discount applied. If in other pages of the site, there are products with promotional prices, with discounts, these are doubles from the promotional categories and their discount is valid, being valid as it is displayed on the product page and as it appears when adding them in the shopping cart.

*New season items are excluded from the -50% prices promotion. By new items we understand all products that are in this category:

Adding products to the cart does not represent their reservation; the products are reserved only at the moment of finalization and confirmation via e-mail of the order.

Selecting certain products in the "Favorites" section or entering them in the shopping cart before the start of the campaign does not guarantee that they will be included in the campaign offer or their availability.

The products can be paid through the payment methods displayed on 

During periods when a particular product is not available, it will not be available for purchase during the campaign. Removing a product from means that its availability is exhausted.

The offer is not cumulated with other promotional offers / special offers / advertising campaigns / other price reductions granted by the company, regardless of the way they are granted.

The delivery method and cost of the products will be displayed on the order page, before completing the order.

The return of the products - including during the promotional period - is free.

Our company reserves the right to suspend, modify, extend or permanently interrupt, at any time, this offer, for good and justified reasons.

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